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    Today my phone i changed in the "developers option" to ART or something and my phone just restarted. On boot a message popped up saying "Android is upgrading..." followed by "Optimizing app # out of 152". OK i didn't think much and thought it must be normal. Then after it was complete (which took a long time BTW) a bunch of messages popped up saying something like "Unfortunately keyboard has stopped working" or "Unfortunately Video Player has stopped working" my phone rebooted and the same "Optimizing app" message showed up. I couldn't do much except force reboot over and over again (I know it could damage my phone) and the same "optimizing app" message shows up and overtime the "out of" number gets smaller. After i wait a message saying "starting apps" apps comes up which take an infinite amount of time with no results and if it does get completed another message shows up saying "Unfortunately com.android.systemui has stopped working" and i have no choice but to click ok with the same message popping up every time. There is no lock screen involve just that message coming up. How can i fix this?
    02-22-2015 01:21 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! That's a big problem. It sounds like the phone doesn't do well with ART--not sure if it's a problem with the LG firmware, or some other 3rd party app. I'd suggest booting into Safe Mode, but that requires you to get to a stable homescreen. You might have to resort to a hard reset, which will wipe the phone:

    02-22-2015 10:55 PM
  3. jenipher jones's Avatar
    I also am having trouble with my LG phone through straight talk. It started popping up error notices about a week ago like "email has stopped" calendar, google play store, etc. and when I would try to send reports on it, google services would stop. When just restarting it didn't fix it for more than a few hours at a time I thought it might be an app or update causing the phone to mess up so I made sure to back up all my pictures and things and did a factory reset and completely wiped the phone to its original settings.

    Without doing anything besides having it on, I started getting more notices within 2hours of doing the reset, but worse than before. After that I couldn't even reliably make called because I would try to open the phone feature and it would immediately force close with a notice that contacts had stopped. I was getting a wider variety of notices, more often. But since it still worked most of the time over-all, I decided to just redownload chrome so I could at least internet until i had the money for a new phone. It started getting worse tonight so I figured I'd try to reset it again one more time. I backed up my stuff to my SD card, removed my SD card because why take chances, and hit the reset button.

    My phone is now completely and totally f***ed. Before it could even load the set up screen after turning back on I was getting a pop-up that com.android.systemui had stopped. Every time I hit OK a new notice would instantly take its place. Email, contacts, calendar with the systemui showing up every few notices. After almost an hour I finally managed to hit OK and the next set up button to finally make it to the home screen where it is now frozen and flickering. It won't even sleep. If I hit the power button to turn off the screen, the home button flashes blue and it chirps like I got a message, continuously but not together, like the sound isnt synched properly. Hit the power button again and it goes instantly to the frozen, flickering home screen.

    At this point I'm just happy that I have all the picture of my baby safely backed up and away from this hell beast of a phone. I know it wasn't expensive but I don't abuse my electronics so I expect even a cheap phone to last at least a year. In the meantime I really hope I don't have an emergency with the baby that requires a phone before I can get a new one, because this one is only good as a flashing, chirping paperweight.
    03-04-2015 11:45 PM

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