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    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been running fine for a long while. However, my silly interest in retro gaming has brought me to the world of emulators and roms. I have downloaded many in the past (emulators and roms) completely obliviously, but there have been no virus alerts and it has been fine. And then recently I got one that I read elsewhere afterwards was actually fake. Stupid decision, looking back it was pretty obvious. But anyway, I went to run the rom in a new emulator when suddenly a virus alert popped up, saying I had nineteen viruses. I freaked out so much that I just closed it, hardly reading it (another regret I have) and downloaded 360 virus protection, or something like that. Sorry, I can't remember exactly, but it had 360 in its name. Anyway, I scanned my tablet for viruses, hoping that it would find one and delete it. It didn't. Still very frightened (I think I have anxiety or something, I get scared so easily) I deleted the rom from my files, hoping nothing would happen. I switched to an AVG antivirus, which I have more trust in, and scanned again. Still nothing. I searched through all my files but there was no viruses detected. I had never used the emulator before, perhaps it was playing up as very stupidly I didn't read the pop-up specifying about the many viruses. I'm now more frightened than ever because I have no idea whether there is a virus or not, and if there is, I feel helpless. Please help me!
    02-23-2015 03:07 PM
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    The "you have nineteen viruses" is probably adware, prompting you to buy their program to get rid of the "viruses" (that you don't really have).

    Install AdWare and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. 360 and AVG are both good, you can use either one. (Any decent antivirus should pick up an old virus - the differences are how quickly they come out with an update for a new virus. AVG and Avast are good at that. I have no idea how fast 360 is at that, but they're on the NYSE, and speed depends on a company being large enough to always be on top of things, so they're probably pretty good too.)
    02-23-2015 03:52 PM

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