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    I am so done with the 'not enough storage' notification! But my sd storage still has 59gb ? Cannot find it anywhere on the settings and even where it says SD card, nothing happens when you select it 😤
    03-14-2015 05:45 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    "Not enough storage" refers to internal storage. Move all your files to the SD card, then you'll have more free internal storage. (This is why carriers used to offer new phones every 2 years - you need a new one with more storage every 2 years, because apps keep getting larger [because more and more people who couldn't tell Java from assembly are "writing" apps by dragging controls onto forms]. Now you're eligible for an update in even less time - because apps are getting larger faster.)

    You can try moving apps to the SD card, but don't count on that.

    1) Not all apps will run from the SD card. (No app installed as a system app will. No widget will.)

    2) Not all parts of an app that will run from the card get moved.

    3) For every part that gets moved, a link is left in internal storage to where that part is on the card (because Android looks in internal storage). If the app is built in enough small pieces, the links are almost as large as the moved pieces, so you don't save much.

    And some "developers" aren't aware that they're supposed to test whether their app can run from the card, and not allow it to be moved if it can't. So a lot of apps will move to the card, then crash when you try to run them.

    But if you're lucky, you run a lot of large apps that are written in large pieces, and they will run from the card, so you can free up a lot of space by moving any moveable apps. But, again, don't count on it.

    (A phone isn't like wine - it doesn't get better with age. It's not even like a car that gets more valuable with age, even though you can't drive a Model T on a highway. A phone just gets old. Eventually it gets useless. It's not the manufacturers' fault, it's the fact that we want out phones to do more all the time, and that means more storage, more RAM, a faster CPU, a higher resolution screen and camera ... and you can't change any of that with software, you have to buy another phone. [Look up Project Ara if you want to see what some people are doing to make that less painless.])
    03-14-2015 06:36 PM

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