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    i lost my phone is there anyway to track where it is
    03-17-2015 01:00 AM
  2. beagle82's Avatar
    Google 'Android device manager' . Log in with your Gmail account. You might find your device assuming it's Still on.
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    03-17-2015 05:54 AM
  3. anon8380037's Avatar
    If Android Device Manager was left enabled in Security - Device Administrators this will help.

    Even if you cannot Locate it, (the phone may be off, or Location not enabled) You can Lock it so it Locks when it is turned back on (you don't need Location turned on) and with the new Lock and pin/password you set, it allows you to put a 'please return me' type message on the lock screen along with a contact phone number to call you via a call button it puts on the screen.

    If you don't expect it back, then you can Wipe it, and this would also take effect when the phone is turned on again.
    03-17-2015 08:38 AM

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