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    So i own a Hauwei y300. The phone already had an email app on it when I bought it. It was connected to my old email address, which I have since deleted. Ever since I deleted that email account, my device has being going CRAZY! it sends me about three notifications every 5 minutes saying that it can't log into my email and access is required bla bla bla. When I read into the notifications, my phone directs me to a page where it asks me to log in using the old email. I type my old password in, and of course it comes up saying that the password is wrong or that the account has changed. Understandable, but it won't let me change the email address to my new one, so it's a never ending cycle of entering the password for my old email, a error message coming up, and me trying again.
    Furthermore, when I went into the email app itself, I was able to add my new account and that seems ok- I am now getting the emails for my new email, and I have even deleted the old account off my phone, but it STILL gives me these error messages/notifications, even though it should now be able to access email perfectly well, it's as if it still connected to my old email, even though I deleted it.
    I really want to resolve this issue, because not only is it incredibly annoying getting all these notifications, but I can't download anything on the play store either?
    Please help! :S
    03-23-2015 02:41 PM
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    The 1st account added during initial setup becomes a kind of default master account. If it's deleted the phone acts like its lost its momma.

    Easiest fix for your problem I know of is to do a factory reset. Start over with your new account.

    Android since v1.0. Linux user since 2001.
    03-23-2015 03:07 PM

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