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    When I bought a 32GB SD card everything was fine, but when I try to install an app it installs only on the phone not on the SD card. It says "Can't install app on USB storage or SD card " or "Can't install app there is insufficient memory/space" but when I download a file or MP3 it finds the SD card. What should I do? Please help!

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    03-24-2015 05:17 AM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    In recent versions of Android (I think 4.3 onwards), Google removed the capability for apps to be installed on, or run from, the SD card. Different versions have various levels of restrictions, with KitKat being the most restricted... restrictions that have been scaled back a bit in Lollipop as they've implemented a better, more secure method of SD card access. But installing apps on the external SD card are still prohibited.
    03-24-2015 08:09 AM

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