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    Having some troubles with my I9305 running 4.1.2 stock and rooted
    The phone was factory reset only a few weeks ago and has run well since.
    The below problem occurred once before, since the factory reset, however simply resolved itself after 6-8 hours. It has returned and remains
    On startup I'm getting the 3 following processes crashing and it's rendering the phone unusable.

    Unfortunately, ContextProvider has stopped
    Unfortunately, TwDVFSApp has stopped
    Unfortunately, SystemUI has stopped

    After enough time I'm able to clear these by pressing OK, and enter my lock screen code, at which point the phone simply freezes.
    Hitting emergency call at this point results in android.process.acore has stopped.

    I'd add that everything is as it should be on the screen, other than no status/notifications bar at the top
    Any thoughts?
    03-25-2015 02:55 AM

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