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    My brother and I just got new Galaxy S6 and Urban Armor cases to protect them. I love this case but it doesn't play nice with these glass shields. We tried Bodyguardz Pure, it works but looks horrible because the protector doesn't cover the whole screen, I want it to look like there is no protector on at all. Next we tried the Moshi ivisor edge to edge version, protector goes all the way to the edge and won't go under the lip of the case which causes the protector to fall off or you feel a gap between the protector and your screen. Any advice, I don't want to get rid of these cases, should I go to ATT and let them try putting on the Moshi ? It was easy to install but screen sensitivity suffered and that's when I noticed the shield was part way on top of the lip of the case.

    Urban Armor Gear admits that many protectors will not work with their cases, but the one they include is garbage. Instructions should read, remove screen protector from package and dunk in toilet.
    04-11-2015 10:31 PM

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