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    I am thinking about Panasonic RP-DJS150MEK headphones (specs:
    Panasonic UK > Consumer > Headphones > Overhead > RP-DJS15ME), because I need to buy a overhead headphones with built-in microfone/remote for answering/ending calls and playing/resuming audio without touching a phone.
    However, I have problem - in specs it is written that headphones allows "hands-free calling", however no info about if it allows to pause/resume music.
    Unfortunately, the tech support of Panasonic can't help me and product is not available in any shop nearby to test it.
    I wonder if it is possible that the button can allow only answer/end call and not allow to control the music?
    Currently was using the in-ear headphones that were included to my phone, but they're quality was poor and also I don't like in-ear headphones.

    PS. I am using Android 5.0 with no root access.
    I will be very grateful for answering my question.
    04-14-2015 05:38 AM

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