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    After upgrading to Lollipop I can no longer use may car stereo's (Kenwood) controls (skip/pause/play) while streaming music (pandora, google play music, samsung music) from my galaxy S5 over Bluetooth. The phone steams music just fine but to skip a track or pause I have to do that on the phone. Prior to Lollipop i could use the fwd, rev, play, pause from the head unit to control the track on the phone.
    04-17-2015 08:39 AM
  2. pjw23's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem on my Sena SMH10 motorcycle helmet headset. It pairs, streams music, and phone works, but no pause, skip etc. Have contacted Sena, but they aren't helping much.

    I also have a Kenwood car stereo, KDX-896, with Pandora interface. Audio functions still work with it, but connection with the Pandora app is hit-or-miss, about 50-50. Before lollipop it worked flawlessly.

    Have you checked the Kenwood site for a firmware update?
    07-13-2015 04:22 PM
  3. pjw23's Avatar
    Well, I am truly amazed: Last night I got another mandatory software update, and now everything works again. System still says 5.0, but has a newer kernel version.
    07-14-2015 09:18 AM

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