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    What I want:

    - Lots of "home" tiles so I can browse by tap rather than by writing URLs
    - Tabbed browsing
    - Huge/adjustable cache
    - Privacy and ad options
    - Stable software

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active running Android 5.0.1

    Up until now, I've found Opera to be the least annoying browser (dare I say "best"?). I have ~25 tiles on the front page, it is somewhat unstable, and it has a small cache. If I open too many tabs in background tabs, they will reload when I look at them. Annoying if I am on the cell net, because it represents unnecessary load. Recently, it just stopped working. Crashes upon start, whatever I do. Before I re-install, I'll consider my options.

    Firefox looks gorgeous and can't be synched with my favourite browser in Windows 8. But some Wordpress-blogs will not load properly: Sometimes, the front page will be refreshed when I load it again, sometimes, it just hangs and won't load the updated front page that I know is there. Also: Only maximum 6 tiles on Firefox's own start page.

    Ghostery is great for my privacy concerns (I grew up under the thumb of the STASI and what's happening in our "free" world is disgusting, to say the least). But it has no start tiles, and blog commenting system Disqus does not compute. I can allow its tracker, so I can read, but a login will not work. The login page just doesn't finish loading, even if I unblock all tracking.

    Android's own Chrome is neat and very stable, but a bit too simple. No tiles, and it is Google's own lets-control-every-aspect-of-your-life-piece of software.

    So that's what I've tried.
    05-01-2015 01:35 AM

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