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    I've seen a lot of threads discussing that the only way to fix the update is to reboot or do a factory reset, even though a lot of the questions are WHY did it happen.

    Can someone explain WHY Andriod ****ed up so bad that now we all have to take time and inconveniently go through extra steps? I've been a lifelong anti-Apple advocate, but guess what? Their **** works.

    I won't hold my breath for an answer as to WHY this updated completely ruined an otherwise working system.
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    05-06-2015 08:45 AM
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    I know that some users have got problems, but both my Androids are running Lollipop contentedly enough. So as a version of Android OS, it obviously works, if not for all users. Why users' experiences of it are so different is what is interesting, and perhaps it is there that an understanding of the problems is to be found.

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    05-06-2015 06:47 PM

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