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    How can I turn off all these notifications that I get on my Samsung Galaxy S6? I get about 300 notifications per day, most of them are of no interest of me. I tried several ways to turn them off but nothing works. Here are notifications that I get, that I want to have turned off:
    - Mail (very important, I tried to turn it off under app notifications --> GMail, but it doesn't change anything)
    - Weather (who cares about that? If I want to know the weather I look into the sky.)
    - Roaming message (I know roaming is turned off, there's no need to tell it to me dozen times a day)
    - GPS (Why would I care that my phone has lost the GPS signal?)

    Others I want to keep:
    - Messages
    - What's App
    - Airbnb
    - ...
    06-12-2015 05:29 AM

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