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    I bought a HTC One E9 last week.
    When I connected to my home Wi-Fi, it disconnected and disappeared from my list of available networks.
    If I go to saved networks, it shows it is "out of range". When I forgot the network to try again, I can't find it. Scan, refresh, it's not there.
    I tried a few things I saw on other forums:
    -rename Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth device names
    -tried other Wi-Fi networks (exact same at work)
    -update (it did need to update, but didn't fix it. Now on 5.0.2)
    -restart router
    -connect with different device. Tried with 2 Samsung phones, another HTC, an iPod and 2 computers
    -disconnect everything from router, only connect the problem phone

    None of these worked.

    I hope someone can help, this phone is useless now as I can only use it while traveling to and from work.
    06-23-2015 02:39 AM

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