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    I am just starting to get healthy again and I am starting to walk, with the occasional jog for a 1/4 mile in there. I am trying to build my endurance. If I get the Samsung Gear S watch to help me track my steps, calories burned, distance without carrying my phone, so I have to stop before I start jogging and put the S Health into "running" before it will track the calories, distance and steps correctly? Then when I stop jogging, put the watch back into walking again? OR Is there a way that I can use the S Health while doing walking and the occasional jog during the walk and still track calories, steps, distance without switching back and forth?

    Also, if I DO have to do that, on my phone I notice that on the occasions before when I have done the walking/jogging, and I do switch back and forth on S Health, it starts the information over. Why doesn't it just keep accumulating the information since it's on the same day?

    Thank you for your help.
    07-18-2015 06:07 AM

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