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    So my sister tripped and dropped her phone ( She's fine though ) that was sticking out of her pocket. The phone is badly cracked, but it can still be turned on. It's just the bottom half that's messed up and it riddles along the left side and the middle can't be touched, making it impossible to draw the password. All of her loved photos are on there, and I want to try and transfer them. I've tried connecting it to my Dell Inspirion 3521 with a USB but there are absolutely no files on the usb it says. I've tried multiple times. I wanted to use one of the photo transfer apps I can download from The Google Play store on the internet, but I need to use the phone to do that too.
    Is there any app or any other way that can transfer photos only with the PC website or something?

    08-08-2015 12:15 PM

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