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    I have recently purchased the HTC 626s because it was time for a new phone. I previously had the HTC 601 prior to the switch which had a Sandisk micro Ultra SDXC card. The transfer wasn't an issue, but when I put the memory card in it read: "Unavailable" and to add to the confusion it automatically mount the sd card. I shut the phone down and turned it back on to no avail.

    After that I figured I'd look it up to see if there was another way of doing this. I found out that if you reformat the sd it should fix this. I have been reformatting the card via the phone since 9 am. It's now 11am and the disk is still working is this how long it should take based on the amount of information or is this the sign the card is still not taking to the phone?? Please help!!
    08-14-2015 09:59 AM

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