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    Hello, So I had my note 2 t889 on 4.3 stock rom and I saw how to upgrade to a rom that made it look like a note 4. I did everything by installing cwm and deleting cache and factory reset. I then installed the zip file by transfering it from my computer to phone. It worked but then the boot screen came up and a sphere with other circles with a white background kept showing. I went to another website to see the problem and the file was only for the note 2 n7100. I tried to unbrick every way and it didn't work. I tried to factory reset. I tried to use odin and download the stock rom again. No luck. And now the only way i can unbrick is by downloading a custom recovery. I can't because I can't download it on my phone ( its bricked no ****). I know there is a way and I am an intermediate with this stuff. Can someone help me/ give me a solution?
    I've been trying to fix for 5 hours. Much appreciated!
    09-02-2015 09:47 PM

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