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    I've been an LG GWR user since right after launch and have one annoying issue. I use a third-party product to remind me of missed SMS messages (we use SMS for paging at work). Though "dismissing" an alert from the watch eliminates the notification on the top of the phone, it doesn't mark the message as "read" (it remains bolded in the messaging app). I've used default SMS clients on two phones (LG G3 and Samsung Note 5) as well as Hangouts. I've tried both "View message" as well as just dismissing the alert.

    This seems like a very simple issue - and feels like something I shouldn't be wrestling with. The question is whether or not this is some setting I've gotten wrong or if this is a common experience.

    Does anyone have this working correctly? Any ideas on how to configure this correctly?

    Thanks in advance.
    09-11-2015 09:12 AM

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