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    Hi, i have a ZTE blade c plus for about 9 months now and recently i have had this message pop up.

    "Unfortunetly, process com.google.process.gapps has stopped."

    I never really gave much importance to it. I would just reboot my phone and it would work again. Until you'd let it rest and turn it on again. The message pooped up about 3 times in one hour daily. Which was very annoying. But rebooting it seemed to be the solution at the moment.

    Until yesterday morning, i woke up and the message was there, and i did the normal routine rebooted my phone and this time it didnt work at all, even more errors popped up.

    Heres a list of everything that now pops up at once:

    - process com.google.process.gapps
    -launcher 3 has stopped
    - google play services has stopped
    - google+ has stopped
    - settings has stopped
    - google play movies & tv has stopped
    -google search has stoped
    - calendar has stopped

    I rebooted about five times when this happened, the phone is practically unusable. So i came here and i see other people have had the same issue, and read that uninstalling google play services would do the trick. I tried and half way through uninstalling my phone reboots by itself, and that happens whenever trying to uninstall an app.

    Then i was recommended to factory reset the phone. And that wont work either, it stays the same.

    I maintain the power button and volume + button and a dead android with a red triangle pops up sayin "no command" i pressed the power button and the menu appears i select the factory reset/wipe data. And it says the formatting has been completed but when rebooting the phone its exactly the same and all errors pop up again.

    I now have no idea what to do.

    09-21-2015 01:09 PM

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