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    Only had the bloody thing a week, Finger print wasnt recognised after about 4 days. Didnt remember the backup code to bypass it. Took it into Three in Wigan, they reset it BUT it wont recognise my google account details (I prob put the wrong ones in anyway as I rarely use gmail). They couldnt help. Took it into Warrington Samsung walk in centre today. They "flashed" it and put some update on it. It STILL wont recognise any google account details I try to sync it with to get it running. Spoke (chat) to Samsung earlier. He says that its probably reactivation lock kicking in and I was to contact google and they`d sort it. (I am a trusting soul so I took it to be just an email thing) HAVE YOU TRIED CONTACTING GOOGLE to discuss this??????

    Can anyone help by either giving me a way of contacting google direct or finding out what google details I may have used to activate it a few days ago. tried opening a new google account and using that..NOPE!! Thanks in advance.
    09-24-2015 02:00 PM

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