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    I just need some tips from people with more experience with Android as to what other bloatware could I delete, without harming my phone's functionality or even its full array of capabilities.

    So, I've rooted it with Kingroot (the only one that works), and deleted all of the Google apps (even though I reinstall them later through the Play Store), some Samsung apps (like Smart Tutor), the "highlights" widget, and a few other things like dropbox, dropbox oobe, evernote, and so on...

    Now here's the list of the remaining Samsung apps I have, and beside each one I'll try to tell you guys why I haven't deleted them yet, so you could tell me if I could/should, or not:

    Phone: I guess not, right ? This is a much needed app;

    Contacts: Same app as "Phone", just a different page within it;

    Messages: I use Google Messenger, but I keep this one installed. Could/Should I get rid of it ?

    Gallery: I don't know if Google's "Photos" replaces this one or not;

    Camera: I don't know if Google's camera app replaces or if it's better than this one or not;

    Video: I mainly use YouTube, but I think this one is a keeper for offline/stored videos, right ?;

    Clock: I don't know what to think about this one, or if there's a replacement by Google or not;

    S Planner: It's completely useless in my opinion for users of Google Calendar, but in doubt, I decided not to delete it before asking the community;

    Email: Completely useless for users of Gmail. So, same case as "S Planner". Didn't delete it because I don't know if it will harm the Android OS or not;

    Settings: It's a keeper.

    Galaxy Apps: I don't use it, but I don't think it could/should be deleted;

    Google Play Store: It's a keeper;

    Internet: Samsung's browser;



    My Files;

    Voice Recorder;



    User Manual;

    SIM Toolkit.

    Thanks in advance, gals and guys.


    Anyone ?????
    09-25-2015 01:33 PM

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