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    Hi, I have a Buffalo network drive onto which my phone and my wife's phones backs up automatically.
    Great my photos are safe no matter what.
    However having cleared the photos off the phones to make space to take more I would like to view the NAS stored files on my PC. They are there to browse from the phones via Buffalo Web Access App, but when the backup folder is viewed from the PC all I can see is a hidden folder called .webaxs in which is a empty spool folder.

    Is there a way to view these saved photos on the PC, i assume as I cannot see them that they are in an android type file system?

    Copying them all back to the phone one at a time (Yup thats all the Buffalo Web App will do) just so I can plug the phone into the PC via cable and copy them back again seems like madness..

    Any help much appreciated.
    09-29-2015 07:59 AM

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