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    So lately i've got myself the LG L70, meanwhile im very satisfied, even though it might not be the best and lack some internal storage it's still a huge step from my Samsung galaxy mini 2. I have mainly 3 questions about the phone, First question, a few days ago a balloon shaped icon appeared on my notification bar, at first i thought it was my location services online so i went and turned them off but the icon still didn't dissapear i tried to upload a link to a screenshot but im not allowed until i have 10 posts so i don't know how i can explain better, ill try to find a photo online. Second question, sometimes my Settings application its self changes the layout, sometimes it's divided into 4 separate categories and sometimes a plain list, i prefer as a list but i didn't find any way to change, it just changes randomly. And last and not least, How is the phone compared to the LG F60? because i was said it's better and only for 50$, i wanna know if i messed up.
    10-01-2015 01:52 PM

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