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    Hey everyone, I'm pretty much screwed at this point. Me being stupid tried to root my galaxy device despite it being perfectly fine, I got it off of monthly payment and now I'm going to have to pay off a broken phone for 2 years unless I find some magical solution.

    Basically the first time I tried booting into download mode it worked flawlessly, after downloading and installing the root I realized I got the Android 5.0.2 root instead of the 5.1.1. After using ODIN I tried to boot up my phone and now I'm getting a "RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING" error in red at the top left of my screen along with the S6 Edge boot up screen. I've tried countless times to enter recovery mode by pressing vol -; power; and home but the phone automatically restarts and enters the same screen. Having tried to install a stock through ODIN my phone isn't getting recognized on the computer, I assume it's because the phone isn't actually switched on yet. Every forum or website article I've gone to has explained to factory reset but I can't because the phone obviously won't boot up. I honestly couldn't care less if there is data loss on the device. i just want my phone back. Is my phone f***ed?

    Thanks to anyone who might be able to help out.
    10-03-2015 03:54 PM

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