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    My phone tells me my files are full, and I should delete some email. I open Trash, which indicates that I have hundreds of emails, but shows me none, and tells me the same thing - that nothing can be downloaded because files are full.
    10-07-2015 07:27 PM
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    Not sure what app you're using but some apps save sent mail to the device, and most of the time though they don't save deleted items on the device. Usually you'll be prompted to delete on the device and the server or one or the other. So it may be showing you items in the that have been deleted but aren't visible. It's the sent items you should be concerned about. Look for sent items saved on device. If you can find an option to change that I'd do that right away. Whatever you find on that get rid of those and things will probably loosen up, the other thing you'll want to do is delete any cache related to your email. Restart your device when your done. Sometimes simply restarting these smart devices is all it takes to get back to right. When you restart them using the power button and the choice to power off the phone goes through a shutdown process and part of that process is clearing out caches. Don't hold the power button until it powers off, that has the same effect as when you do it to a pc and your phone won't like it just like your PC doesn't like it.

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    10-07-2015 08:52 PM

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