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    Started a month or so ago; out of nowhere Google Now keeps randomly opening. Sometimes it's just the touchwiz homescreen, but usually it's google now.

    It's a Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920F) running 5.1.1

    Last time around it got so annoying I ended up doing a reset and the problem disappeared. At the time, it had gotten to the point where Google Now would open each time there was a notification (from any app). This of course is totally infuriating because it makes the phone unusable, even getting to the reset option was a lesson in not punching my phone.

    Now it's just started happening again, but it's just randomly openly. It can happen while the phone is just sitting on the desk doing nothing. It even happens in safe mode. I noticed this morning a few apps updated in the stupid samsung app manager, notably the preinstalled office apps from microsoft.

    What have i tried;
    - Booting to safe mode
    - Forcing stop and disabling the Google App as it's called.
    - Forcing stop, uninstalling updates and disabling the office suit apps.
    - Removing any app I installed during the last week or two.
    - Signing out of Google now (still opens, but a lot less and when it does it opens the welcome / setup page and not the cards page).
    - Disabling voice search / s-voice.

    I actually really like Google Now and on my previous phone (HTC) had replaced Sense with the google launcher. But I also like being able to actually use the phone.

    Has anyone seen this ? or got any ideas ? I've searched high and low on the internet and find nothing.
    10-09-2015 04:25 PM

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