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    I have a rooted Pantech Burst with a port of 4.4.4 liquid smooth &cwm recovery on it, everything was working fine until I started fooling around with apps2sd and iparted last night and the media storage partition as well as my externalsd card became unusable. I suspect (or hope) I messed up the formats of them somehow but I'm not sure.
    So far my partition information looks like this:
    1. /system = 591mb max storage
    2. /data = .98gb max storage
    3. /cache = 167mb max storage
    7. sdcard (FAT) = 0.00b
    8. Sd-ext (EXT) = 0.00b

    The ROM works other than not letting me download anything but apps until my system storage is full, do to it being intact and working well and I'd rather not try to tinker around blindly and completely brick my device. The other drives are at least being recognized, just not read. If anyone could lead me in the right direction as to what format my internal media and external SD should be and how I can format them safely please let me know.
    10-10-2015 01:01 PM

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