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    Don't worry, I'm not gonna whine about how I miss unified storage or how I have no space left for my million apps.

    I have a genuinely unique issue and I need help understanding it.

    I am running Cyanogenmod 12.1 (lollipop) on Oppo Find 7.

    My storage looks like this:

    Internal storage 318MB available out of 2.95GB (system storage)
    Internal storage 12.10GB available out of 23.47GB
    External storage 16.17GB available out of 29.71GB.

    I tried installing a storage analyzer app and for the System storage it says:

    System storage: 382MB available / 626 MB occupied

    So the app thinks I have 1 GB partition whereas the phone itself thinks I have a 3GB partition.
    According to my phone I should have 2.4Gb available on the system partition!

    I believe something much be really wrong here because there is hardly any space left at all to do anything.
    I only have 6 apps installed on the internal storage and it constantly full and unable to download any more.
    I am convinced that the partition is actually 1GB instead of 3GB that my phone thinks.

    I am looking for someone knowledgeable to help me diagnose the problem.
    The solution I seek would be either something that would
    a ) Fix the partition to be a real 3GB instead of a 3GB that acts like a 1GB
    b ) Increase the partition size to be much larger (at least 5GB)
    c ) A combination of all of the above

    I've also looked into a unified storage approach which I understand is possible with CM12.1 but extremely difficult. The tutorials I found are insane.

    I am looking for advanced solutions and not the typical answers such as "wipe delvic cache", "clear cache", "remove apps" etc.

    Thank you
    10-22-2015 09:05 AM

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