1. AC Question's Avatar
    So I got a gsm unlocked phone from eBay- it's the lg G3- and I put in my SIM card... And the calling and texting all works but it doesn't let me use data at all unless I'm connected to wifi but my other phone let me all the time??? Idk. I need help.
    10-25-2015 03:18 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! First, you need to make sure the phone supports your carrier's network bands. Which exact G3 model do you have? Is it a Verizon/Sprint model (CDMA), T-Mobile/AT&T (GSM), or unlocked (usually GSM)? Which carrier do you have?

    Assuming the phone is compatible with the carrier's data network, you should also check to make sure the APN settings are correct. What is an APN, and how do I change it? | Android Central
    10-25-2015 03:37 PM
  3. Elie Najjar's Avatar
    restart or your phone or u can do MR. Diddy said , check ur apn or contact your mobile careerand ask them about the apn setting
    10-25-2015 03:56 PM

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