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    Hi, first post and smartphone novice. I've been looking at phones for the last month but i can't find any thing that does what my Razr Maxx does... Micro HDMI to HDMI so i can plug it directly into my tv. I know that's not the popular way to do it now days, but hard wiring it works the best in my situation. Is USB type-C capable on nexus 5x? or USB on the Motorola turbo 2? Those are the 2 i've been looking at the most...
    My Razr is just so slow it drives me nuts. Battery life is a big concern from me cause i stream alot of sports to my TV....so i was leaning toward the turbo, but the bloatware, and price are making me thing Nexus 5x.
    Also it has to be Verizon compatible...

    Any suggestions would be great
    10-28-2015 04:07 AM

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