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    Okay just signed up for Simple Mobile's $60 Unlimited talk, text and data plan.
    Popped the sim into an unlocked Moto E 2nd Gen and talk, text and mms work.
    Phone is running Android 5.1

    I have 4GLTE sign and 4 Bars with an exclamation mark. Internet does not work.

    Under APN settings there is a default one which I cannot delete and when I add new APN's the internet still does not work. I'm not sure if you have to reset the phone after adding a new APN but I tried that and the phone resets to the default APN anyway.

    Using Wi-Fi, I installed "Change APN" and "ApnManager" hoping to delete the default APN but the first says "Access Point Name settings are not available for this user" and the second app simply Stops after trying to turn it on.

    So basically I want to find out what are the correct settings are simple mobile APN there are many different options shown online. Also do I need to get rid of the default one if it is wrong? How can I do this if so?

    Here are the default APN settings: (whatever I don't include is "not set")
    Name: SIMPLE
    APN: simple
    MMSC: httpCOLONFORWARDSLASHx2smpl.mms.msg.eng.t-mobileDOTCOM/mms/wapenc
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 260
    APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri,fota
    APN protocol: IPv4
    APN roaming protocol: IPv4
    APN enable/disable: APN enabled
    Bearer: Unspecified
    MVNO type: GID
    MVNO value: 534D
    11-01-2015 06:10 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you able to edit that APN setting? If so, enter this data: Simple Mobile APN Settings
    11-02-2015 01:43 AM

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