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    After owning my 6P for 2 weeks, an apparent stuck red pixel appeared yesterday in the lower right corner of my screen. It was there regardless of what was being displayed on my screen. I tried a few 'repair' apps to no avail. I called the great Google customer service and I'll be receiving my new replacement today - just one day later! At the moment, as I wait for my replacement to arrive, I observed the following: rotating the phone in an app, e.g., Gmail, Play Store, etc, causes the red pixel to rotate with the image so that it is always in the lower right corner regardless of whether it's in landscape or portrait mode. So, is this a stuck pixel? It seems to me it must be a software problem since it's not physically connected to my phone's screen.
    12-23-2015 09:57 AM
  2. RogMoore's Avatar
    What is a Pixel Stuck? I am hearing it second time here.
    12-23-2015 10:48 AM
  3. Feldon's Avatar
    A picture would help.

    A stuck pixel is a dot on your screen that is broken and thus always on or always off. That means it always shows a red, green, or blue color, or is always black, regardless of what color that dot is actually supposed to be.
    12-23-2015 10:51 AM

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