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    So a few days ago my phone started doing this thing where pressing the standby button would send it into an instant bootloop. I tried to fix this by doing a factory reset which didn't help, so today I used Smart Switch to completely reset the phone to see if that would fix it. Now it will keep rebooting like it did previously, showing me the Samsung Galaxy logo on the screen, flickering then rebooting, but eventually it will successfully boot and every time it does the screen remains black, even through the first boot screen where I'm supposed to see the Samsung Galaxy logo.

    I've tried every tutorial I can find on YouTube and have tried every combination of buttons possible but to no avail. Just to clarify, the screen works when the phone fails to boot, then when it does boot the screen does not turn on. If anybody could help me I'd be so thankful.
    12-27-2015 06:00 PM
  2. ikli's Avatar
    wow, i got the same problem too.
    when i try to start it up, it will overheat.
    sometimes it will bootloop, but sometimes it booted successfully .
    when it booted successfully, my phone screen will remain black but my touch screen is still working.
    i could also answer a phone call, but the screen is still black.
    06-25-2016 05:27 AM

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