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    So, here's the issue. My father's old Galaxy Note II keeps getting disconnected from our home wifi saying that the wifi is unstable. This prevents him from using it to play radio talks or whatever he is trying to listen to through the ESPN app as the app stops loading what it is trying to play. This phone is the only device in the house that has any issues with our wifi. My phone ( Droid Turbo), laptop, and desktop have no issues. My mother's phone (same as mine) and her laptop also have no issues. My father's current phone (the one that actually works as a phone and not just as a media device) is also the same as my phone and it also has no issues with our wifi. Both tablets in our house ( one I-Pad and one, something or other that's running android) also work with no problems.

    So far I have attempted assigning a static IP address to my father's Note II, separating our wifi into two different networks ( one for 2.4ghz the other for 5ghz) so the network is no longer dual band and having the Note II only be on one of the two bands at a time. None of these have worked.

    I'm looking for more ideas. Thanks for your time.
    01-01-2016 11:39 PM

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