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    I have had let a new motherboard instalt on mij note 4 N910F 5.1.1
    After i had it back i rooted it everything went wel.
    Than i had set back mij backup from before mij motherboard was broken, whit TWRP and it start whit the startmusic but after that it stays black.
    Can it be that mij backup wil not match whit the new motherboard ???
    I am stil rooted whit TWRP on it
    Can i do a factory reset whit TWRP using the whipe butten?
    Or can i better do een flash whit odin whit a factory firmware
    Is it a problem that i now have a custom kernel?
    Sorry for mij bad English

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    01-25-2016 10:04 AM
  2. johnbgood's Avatar
    Nou i now the backup was the problem !!
    I brickt mij phone for the secend time Pfff
    A well a lessen of almost 600 euro.
    Have broth it back to the shop for a new motherboard.
    I now now that i heve to set all new from scratch,and delead al the bacups.
    So never flasch a rong system-ui or wat ever to your phone !!!
    And never use a backup if you cad a new motherboard !!!
    Exus for mij english
    01-29-2016 09:36 AM

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