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    My Galaxy S2 (i9100) doesn't boot anymore (Samsung logo flashing definitely).
    I absolutely need to retrieve data stored in the internal memory of the phone.
    I'm using CWM but I get the message below. A 32 Go SD card is plugged in the phone with CWM software and 22 Go free.
    I mount SD card from the CWM menu.

    "ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.1.5
    E:Unable to open ums lunfile (No such file or directory)SD Card
    space free: 22161MB
    Backing up boot image...
    Backing up recovery image...
    Backing up system...
    Backing up data...
    No /sdcard/.android_secure found. Skipping backup of applications on external storage.
    Backing up cache...
    No sd-ext found. Skipping backup of sd-ext.
    Generating md5 sum...
    Backup complete!"

    But no backup seems to be done.
    Could you help me ?

    Thanks a lot by advance !!
    02-19-2016 08:33 PM

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