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    Just upgraded from an M8 to M9 and I've noticed that when you search a name or number in the phonebook without committing to actually dial it then if you leave ( abort the search) and return to home screen then go back in to the dial screen again later the last attempted name or number you tried is still in the dialogue box. This means that users either have to remember to delete their last search as they abort and exit the phonebook screen because if they don't when they re-enter it they have to use the arrow back tab to cancel the last search otherwise they will find themselves typing and adding onto the end of the last search they made. Needless to say the phone book memory is screwed by this duplicated or unrecognizable input. Put simply there is no auto clear of the search field on exit that is unless you have actually committed and made the call you searched for. The M8 has this auto clear function. Any help how to correct this? Regards Pete
    02-22-2016 06:45 PM

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