1. AC Question's Avatar
    When I got my Samsung note 5, I lost my bookmarks, personalized folders and everything in them. How do I get them back?
    03-01-2016 09:24 AM
  2. Ian Morgan2's Avatar
    Have you signed in to your Google account on that device ?

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    03-01-2016 09:44 AM
  3. mipCode's Avatar
    check the bookmark folders, maybe they are somewhere else
    03-01-2016 12:04 PM
  4. Android4life07's Avatar
    I have signed in and synced w google. Have looked everywhere no websites. And i had personalized folders and alot of pages saved.
    03-01-2016 09:08 PM
  5. Ian Morgan2's Avatar
    Have you checked exactly what you have synced on the Google Dashboard ? HTTPS://www.Google.com/Settings/Chrome/sync
    You should see number of bookmarks , passwords and other info/detail, if they were saved prior to getting your new device.

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    03-01-2016 09:34 PM
  6. Android4life07's Avatar
    I've been in dashboard reviewing account, haven't noticed what's what. Going now.
    03-01-2016 11:27 PM
  7. Android4life07's Avatar
    Well that explains alot. I had at one time set up a sync passphrase. When the MB went out in my laptop, I was unable to retrieve passphrase and reset said phrase. So that's why I can't get bookmarks. Thank you so much Ian! ! Btw, my son is named Ian So now this leads me to a new problem. I have all my bookmarks backed up on a flash drive. Anyway to get them on my note 5 without my laptop? Or does that require a new thread?
    03-01-2016 11:53 PM
  8. Ian Morgan2's Avatar
    There's an article here which may help you :-
    How to Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device
    03-02-2016 05:34 AM

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