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    I have a Micromax unite 2 which is bricked (hard or soft...don't know) So the phone is not turning on after I have flashed it using SP flash tool as the phone kept saying internal memory corrupted. So the flashing was successful but now instead of turning on, the phone is not even showing charging and also the files are verified by myself on another same phone so i took a third phone(same unite 2) did a readback of it and then flashed those files in this phone by selecting download only mode as selecting the firmware upgrade. But it was showing pmt_pro : failed to get pmt info. It was again successful but still the phone is not turning on. Saw a solution on YouTube to select format except bootloader but that is showing partition table not created error. but whenever i select download only or format all+download, it works. I have flashed the stock rom(downloaded 5 times from different websites and also the readback) more than ten times successfully and even flashed the preloader only to unbrick it but nothing worked. So please provide a working solution.
    03-12-2016 05:27 AM

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