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    Hello there,

    i am using a rooted Galaxy S Plus with stock firmware (GT-I9001 Android 2.3.3 GINGERBREAD.XXKG3)

    When using Total Commander to check folder sizes i get the following results:

    /mnt 3,7G
    /sdcard 3,5G
    /system 217,1M
    /proc 19,9M
    /etc 1,9M
    /lib 177,8k
    all other folders 0
    combined file size of all files directly in / ~800k

    The root info shows the following information:
    SD-card 1,9G / 4,9G (internal storage from the S plus)
    SD-card (2) 792,1M / 1,8G (external sdcard)
    File system root 45,4 M / 1,3 G (HERE IS THE PROBLEM/CONFUSION!!!)

    Settings>SD card and phone storage
    SD card
    Total space 1,86GB
    Available space 792MB
    USB storage
    Total space 4,99GB
    Available space 2,00GB
    System storage
    Available space 45,44MB

    So my phone tells me "LOW ON SPACE" because File system root is only 45M left and this would mean 1.25G occupied space... looking on the other table.. i am not even using 250M on the system...

    Where is the rest of the aprox 1G system space!?
    I have freed so much space in the past and still the system gets full and running out of space, without the 250M raising... it was around 350M couple of months ago when i last did a cleanup because of lack of space... and the ~100MB are GONE again.. and i have no clue where.. and how the hell i could claim the missing 1GB on the system storage (not the internal sd storage).

    Any advice/help/hint could help.... i had to uninstall so many apps i have been using the past WITHOUT ISSUES or low space.. it looks like something is eating up space in the shadows and not giving it back. -.-

    P.S. If any more info is required (which i can't think of right now) i am glad to provide if possible/applicable...
    03-25-2016 08:44 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    Install DiskUsage from Playstore to see if it can help you find out what's going on.
    03-25-2016 09:44 PM

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