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    I have an galaxy s6 G920F and im by O2.
    I rooted my device from 5.1.1 to the rooted version of 5.1.1.
    Everything was alright so I tried what I could do with the root.
    I installed xposed installer but in the app it gave a error (xposed framework is not installed...). I watched some tutorials and tried to install it. I downloaded the correct zip file for my phone and went to the recovery mode from twrp (team win recovery project). I made a backup of the thing the framework would chance, srry that I don't know the name, and I installed the framework with the zip file. Then I got an bootloop (It trys to start forever but it keeps moving between 2 screens). I recovered the backup I made but it didn't chance anything. then I factory reset my phone and now it stays at the start up screen (Samsung Galaxy S6 Powered by Android).
    There also stands ''Kernel is not seandroid enforcing'' on the top left (Im not sure if it was there earlier).
    After that if tried to root the phone with the same file I rooted it in the first place (but that doesn't chance anything), firmware the phone with the android version 5.0.1 (but odin says it fails, odin doesnt say it fails with the 5.1.1 rooted version) and I installed ''Kies'' from samsung becouse someone said that could help but that didn't work as wel.
    The only thing I can think of to try next is firmware 5.1.1 and firmware 6.0.1 but I can't find it anywhere.

    Does someone know an solusion for my problem or know where I can download firmware 5.1.1 and/or 6.0.1?

    Thanks in advanced!!!

    Greatin, Manuel
    03-28-2016 05:07 PM

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