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    IS THIS AN UPDATE ISSUE? IF SO, ANY IDEA IF A NEW UPDATE WILL BE PUSHED OUT? IF SO, WHEN? IF I DOWNGRADE TO KITKAT WILL THIS CORRECT THE ISSUE? I have a moto G2 and just updated to lollipop. I am now having issues with the SD card. It is a 32gb sdhc and it worked absolutely flawless before the update. It is brand new 2 months ago. I noticed I was missing photo's and then realized it was not detecting my sd card.

    After powering off/on, removing/reinserting did not work (yes I power off the phone every time I remove/insert sd card) ... I then plugged in phone to PC using USB and it was not detected by PC either. I put sd card directly into PC and PC reads it just fine. I was able to save my sd card files onto PC and reformatted sd into FAT32 using PC command prompt. I powered off/on device, inserted newly formatted sd card, it read it momentarily and then disappeared. I then tried to format sd card using phone when it shows the sd card momentarily. It actually formatted but it still disappears.

    I have tried numerous things since such as factory reset from menu, factory reset from boot screen, turning off/on without the sd card to allow moto g2 to recognize a new card was inserted...followed the setup process and formatted as portable storage (also tried formatting as internal) and absolutely nothing is working. The kicker: any other media card I have tried ( 3 so far ) does the same thing...shows up under storage for a few seconds before it disappears. ( I have formatted all cards as well by way of phone and by PC ) I have tried everything in every way. How is it being detected and then ejected almost immediately? How can I fix this? Please tell me it's a known issue and an update will be released shortly or at least that backdating the software will fix this because I don't want to go through all that work for nothing if an update will come out to fix. There is NO WAY it's my sd card. NEW, WAS WORKING...NO SD CARD WORKS IN MY PHONE?? Please help, so frustrated.
    04-05-2016 04:56 AM

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