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    Hi , I have a old Huawei G520-5000 and a Samsung S6. Recently I downloaded a game called "Racer UNDERGROUND" from google play on my S6 . Every time I launched the game , it just forced closed ( even on a high end phone ) . So I tried the game on my G520 . But the problem remains the same . I tried other games like Dead Effect which did not show any lag on both the phones .Then I ran Antutu on both the phones .The G520 showed 35 fps on the graphics test whereas the S6 could manage only 42-45 fps . Is it okay for the S6 to perform like this or I bought a faulty phone . Please explain me what is the problem with my S6 . I am really anxious of this incident . Thanks in advance .
    04-15-2016 10:02 PM

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