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    My atrix was charing in the lapdock overnight. My samsung tablet was also plugged in overnight at the same wall outlet. (two socket outlet) The next morning my phone was cutting on and off. Now the phone and the samsung galaxy tab are both stuck in bootloop. I think it must be an app that I used on both. The only change I recall is I changed my facebook passcode online and did not sign my devices out and sign in with the new passcode.

    I heard about fastbook software for windows. Is it possible that I can connect phone to computer via USB and use fastboot software to get the phone out of the boot loop? Same for tablet??

    Now what happens is I have bought a new phone batttery. But phone is still in boot loop. I connected to computer and green light comes on and much later the phone will sometimes turn on with motorola animation and then reboot. Other times it wont turn on at all. I tried wall charger and I can get phone on with the fastboot in top left corner of the screen on phone.

    Also, if i put the phone back on the laptop dock, the battery has a question mark.

    The samsung tablet, it is in boot loop and it charges to 100% but stays in boot loop.

    I have done the wipe partition on both devices and then the reboot now.

    Is there anything I can do to save the pictures and videos on these devices?

    Also wondering if some how discharging the batteries and trying to recharge will help? I'm out of ideas.

    Thank you.
    04-24-2016 03:54 PM

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