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    Hi everyone!
    Sorry if I spam doing this, but I need an advice. I would like to know what app to use to block incoming calls from numbers that are not in my cell phone contacts, but to have an opportunity to manage this function, for an example during work time I need my cell phone open to all, but in afterhours I need privacy. So, that works by simply use of many call block apps ( I use successefuly "Should I answer?"), but there's a tons of phone maniacs that calls even during a night and doesn't give up, but I would like to have another function that helps here: to send them a voice message to call me tommorow, during a work time. I would simply turn off the cell phone, but need to be online because the head managers of my company, even afterhours. Could anyone help?
    05-02-2016 04:17 PM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar

    What kind of phone do you have? On "most" android phones, you can set up the "do not disturb" function. Just add all the callers you want to hear from, to your favorites list. With "Do Not Disturb" enabled, you can filter all calls and texts to only sound when a caller calls, that is listed in your favorites.

    Hope this helps!

    05-02-2016 08:11 PM

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