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    Hey there!
    So, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, running Kitkat (4.4.2).

    I'm looking for the best lockscreen app there is to find, but I wasn't quite able to find it yet...
    I want a lockscreen app under these conditions:

    - Free
    - Which allows me to INTERACT with notifications (quick reply messaging apps like Telegram, not only SMS!) right on the lockscreen, without having to unlock it
    - Which has a music controller (I use Spotify, and so far I haven't found one lockscreen app which DOESN'T support it. It's important to me, though, so I'll just list this here too...)
    - (Optional) Which allows me to use a Pattern lock, or at least a PIN/password one
    - (Optional) Which allows me to, even in the lockscreen, dropdown my notifications/status bar. Almost none of the apps I tried let me do this (only Echo and ZUI, I guess, since Android KitKat itself doesn't allow me to drop down the bar when there's a lock set)
    - (Optional) Which has any kind of quick app launcher

    Can you guys PLEASE help me?
    05-16-2016 05:15 PM

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