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    I am using Galaxy Grand Duos (GT-I9082 INU). I did a stock flash via odin to the latest 4.2.2 build, installed TWRP, Rooted my device and now when I try to go for a full wipe, I get an error that reads - "E: Unable to wipe '/boot' -- unknown file system 'emmc'." Unable to wipe boot. Moreover if I try to make nandroid backup via recovery, the process terminates before completion. Kindly help me.
    Build details - JDQ39.I9082XXUBNB2
    Baseband - I9082DDUBNB1
    05-28-2016 11:08 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. /boot (a partition, not a directory) is defective. If there's a hardware problem, you need a new motherboard. Let's hope not.

    2. Download the ROM file again. (It's possible to get a bad download - not easy, but possible.) Make sure it's for your model of the Duos - the I9082, not something close. Run Odin and reflash the ROM. If it was a software error, that should fix it. If not, it could be a bad motherboard.

    3. I assume the phone is not rooted. If it is (although that would be a strange message for a rooted phone), updates won't install. (Updating a rooted phone can totally hard-brick it - turn it into a plastic box of useless parts.)
    05-28-2016 04:31 PM

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