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    For some reason beyond my knowledge my phone lock screen changed from a pattern to a pin. Lucky I remembered my backup pin as I would have otherwise had no clue how to get into my device 'Samsung S6'. After getting into my phone and going to "settings->lock screen and security->Screen lock type" all but the PIN and Password options were grayed out. Including the 'None' all stating "disabled by adminitrator, credentials...". After going on some other forum pages I saw that many people with similar problems went to 'clear credentials'. So I did and it was grayed out also. After doing the typical turn it off and on again trick I then went to 'settings -> lock screen and security -> other security settings -> Device administrators' and deactivated ALL of them (I had email and android device manager). This WORKED! woohoo! I was worried I would have to factory reset!

    My issue now is I am not sure what reactivating the android device manager will do... and the option to reinstate the email one is gone....

    06-03-2016 05:08 PM

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