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Jan 9, 2014
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I have a xiaomi 11t pro and every 72 hours it asks me for my pin/password to unlock the screen. I heard you can bypass that using smart lock and a xiaomi smart watch.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Is the above true? Because right now I can enable smart lock, but there is no settings for it. I can only toggle smart lock on. I'm planning to buy the redmi watch 2 lite for this. By connecting the smartwatch, I read only from 1 source that then the smart lock settings get enabled.
The watch does not have Wear OS, I don't know whether that matters as well..
2) Will I need to re-enter my pin if I reboot the device?
3) I also read something that after 4 hours of inactivity I still need to enter the password. Is that true, or is that not the case for smart lock enabled for paired device?
4) Is there any other instance where I still have to input the password? Or is it so that as long as both devices are on and dont run out of battery, i can keep using the phone without password for 30 days? Or for example, if I lose bluetooth connection temporarily and connect again, will it ask for my password if it has been 72 hours since I last entered my password?

Thanks in advance!
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The Smart Lock menu should give you a Trusted Devices option (along with Trusted Location and On-Body Detection) -- do you see those? Every now and then, one or more of those have disappeared temporarily, usually because Google is tweaking something, but they usually come back. I currently see all three options in my Pixel 7 Pro.

It shouldn't matter what OS the watch uses -- Trusted Devices is simply based on connection to any Bluetooth device. So that could be anything like a watch, headphones, a car system, etc.

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